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Intro post! Basically what I might ask someone I'd just met/wanted to be friends with.

My given name is Jasmine, I go by Jas. I am twenty nine, almost thirty. >_> I feel fifty. I'm a chubby diabetic who lives in Louisiana and it is fucking hot and I want to moveeee. I graduated from LSU with a BA in English. I'm going back to school next year, hopefully to start on my MLIS. I will be a librarian eventually and I may move to somewhere colder.

I am boring. Severely. I read, game, write, watch television, and that's just about it. When I was a kid I kind of burrowed into my room with my thousands of romance novels. I switched schools at least twice a year because of my mother so I wasn't able to make many friends. Eventually I didn't even go to school. Quit around sophomore year to get a job, got my GED later and went to college. Lived off campus so I didn't make any college friends. What I do have are the many awesome people I've met on lj and beyond and those are about the closest things I get to social lately. No romantic inclinations at this moment though I identify as bi. I'm into fixing myself now, rather than trying to find someone to love.

I'm generally a liberal without any other sort of designation. I believe people should be free to do whatever they want with their own conscious and their own bodies without a state or law protecting them from themselves. My government should work on infrastructure and protecting me from criminals, rather than come in to my house and tell me what I should be doing there. Really I don't think we need two parties at all. Everyone we elect has to take money from people to run. They are bought and sold before ever being elected. I don't want a second hand politician voting on things like who can get married or what kind of substances you can snort.

I used to be heavy into the anime fandom. Especially BLEACH, as you can see from the username. I love Kubo and his art. I like yaoi especially. Mmmm trashy boy on boy romance. Just finished Inu X Boku which I quite liked. Favorite series would be Escaflowne, BSSM, Kenichi, Bleach, Zombie Powder, Ouran School Host Club. I don't watch or read as much as I used to but I'm still a fan. Some gorgeous movies, television, and comic books come from Japan.

You wanna talk YA novels, I can go all day. Love dystopia, fantasy, romance. I think some of the best work I've read in the past few years has been YA. People bitch about adults reading fiction for kids but there's a reason that many YA novels are on the bestseller lists, they're bloody good. Good triumphs any age range. I also still read romance, mostly the m/m variety or paranormal. Love urban fantasy and romantic fantasy.

Kristin Cashore, Tamora Pierce, Gaiman, Patricia Briggs, Illona Andrews, Veronica Roth, Juliet Marillier, Rachel Caine, Holly Black, Lauren Oliver, NK Jemisin

I watch old shit. I can't stand commercials so I usually wait until stuff is on netflix or torrent. Love Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, the Wire, Deadwood, Justified, Law and Order: Svu, Monk. I especially love Britcoms and dramas. Peep Show, Mitchell and Webb, Doctor Who, Grandma's House, Would I Lie to You, etc...

I'm at a bad place right now with my writing. I keep sending work out and getting rejections and I feel like crap a bit. Like I need to learn more and be more interesting. I think I may need to work on myself more as a writer.

See this is the strange to post about. I think I'm generally a bubbly person. I like to laugh and try and not take many things seriously. But I occasionally get pissed off. I mean really pissed off. When people try and speak for me or assume I'm stupid? Hate. That. I have issues with depression so sometimes I'm a bit morose but I try not to take that out on people. I tend to hold things very very close which is why there are so few personal posts on my lj. I envy people who can put it all out there and share everything but I'd feel a bit naked.

FB (I'm not on here a whole lot); http://www.facebook.com/jazberry
AIM (let me know you're friending me so I don't assume you're a Russian trying to send me boob pics); ochrejellies
twitter; https://twitter.com/#!/jazberry

>_> So now no one needs to tell me they think I'm a dude or they don't know anything about me. I REVEAL ALL.

Date: 2012-04-04 02:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justdbear.livejournal.com
Omg. You're a WOMAN?!


Date: 2012-04-06 05:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justdbear.livejournal.com
What kind of health insurance benefits does the multiwife plan offer?