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Intro post! Basically what I might ask someone I'd just met/wanted to be friends with.

My given name is Jasmine, I go by Jas. I am twenty nine, almost thirty. >_> I feel fifty. I'm a chubby diabetic who lives in Louisiana and it is fucking hot and I want to moveeee. I graduated from LSU with a BA in English. I'm going back to school next year, hopefully to start on my MLIS. I will be a librarian eventually and I may move to somewhere colder.

I am boring. Severely. I read, game, write, watch television, and that's just about it. When I was a kid I kind of burrowed into my room with my thousands of romance novels. I switched schools at least twice a year because of my mother so I wasn't able to make many friends. Eventually I didn't even go to school. Quit around sophomore year to get a job, got my GED later and went to college. Lived off campus so I didn't make any college friends. What I do have are the many awesome people I've met on lj and beyond and those are about the closest things I get to social lately. No romantic inclinations at this moment though I identify as bi. I'm into fixing myself now, rather than trying to find someone to love.

I'm generally a liberal without any other sort of designation. I believe people should be free to do whatever they want with their own conscious and their own bodies without a state or law protecting them from themselves. My government should work on infrastructure and protecting me from criminals, rather than come in to my house and tell me what I should be doing there. Really I don't think we need two parties at all. Everyone we elect has to take money from people to run. They are bought and sold before ever being elected. I don't want a second hand politician voting on things like who can get married or what kind of substances you can snort.

I used to be heavy into the anime fandom. Especially BLEACH, as you can see from the username. I love Kubo and his art. I like yaoi especially. Mmmm trashy boy on boy romance. Just finished Inu X Boku which I quite liked. Favorite series would be Escaflowne, BSSM, Kenichi, Bleach, Zombie Powder, Ouran School Host Club. I don't watch or read as much as I used to but I'm still a fan. Some gorgeous movies, television, and comic books come from Japan.

You wanna talk YA novels, I can go all day. Love dystopia, fantasy, romance. I think some of the best work I've read in the past few years has been YA. People bitch about adults reading fiction for kids but there's a reason that many YA novels are on the bestseller lists, they're bloody good. Good triumphs any age range. I also still read romance, mostly the m/m variety or paranormal. Love urban fantasy and romantic fantasy.

Kristin Cashore, Tamora Pierce, Gaiman, Patricia Briggs, Illona Andrews, Veronica Roth, Juliet Marillier, Rachel Caine, Holly Black, Lauren Oliver, NK Jemisin

I watch old shit. I can't stand commercials so I usually wait until stuff is on netflix or torrent. Love Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, the Wire, Deadwood, Justified, Law and Order: Svu, Monk. I especially love Britcoms and dramas. Peep Show, Mitchell and Webb, Doctor Who, Grandma's House, Would I Lie to You, etc...

I'm at a bad place right now with my writing. I keep sending work out and getting rejections and I feel like crap a bit. Like I need to learn more and be more interesting. I think I may need to work on myself more as a writer.

See this is the strange to post about. I think I'm generally a bubbly person. I like to laugh and try and not take many things seriously. But I occasionally get pissed off. I mean really pissed off. When people try and speak for me or assume I'm stupid? Hate. That. I have issues with depression so sometimes I'm a bit morose but I try not to take that out on people. I tend to hold things very very close which is why there are so few personal posts on my lj. I envy people who can put it all out there and share everything but I'd feel a bit naked.

FB (I'm not on here a whole lot); http://www.facebook.com/jazberry
AIM (let me know you're friending me so I don't assume you're a Russian trying to send me boob pics); ochrejellies
twitter; https://twitter.com/#!/jazberry

>_> So now no one needs to tell me they think I'm a dude or they don't know anything about me. I REVEAL ALL.

Date: 2014-04-05 12:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] witches.livejournal.com

yay, have added you! <3
Feels like LJ is dead most days and we're just inhaling the smoke from its cremation. Seriously. So many people who used to be active migrated to tumblr ages ago it seems :/